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My not-so-sweet nothings, mostly comprised of my feelings at losing my two-day-old son, Ryan David, to congenital heart defects, and to celebrate the arrival of Ryan's healthy little sister, Megan Elizabeth, and hopefully welcome another little miracle into our brood in July 2010.

Monday, December 01, 2008

The wisdom of Charlie Brown

I've always loved the timeless "Peanuts" cartoons. I could never pinpoint why I liked the comic strip and its lovable characters. I just found it appealing.

Yesterday, I managed to catch A Boy Named Charlie Brown, and I realized that for me, watching Charlie Brown was like looking in a mirror. And, then it hit me.

I'm Charlie Brown.

Even though I've seen that movie - as well as the other "Peanuts" classics - a slew of times, it was the first time that I actually noticed how much I'm like Charlie. The bad luck, the cynicism, the sarcasm, the feelings of inadequacy.

I get it, Chuck. I really get it.